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Arithmetic - Main window


Oct 25, 20202 min read
Program for performing arithmetic tests: addition, subtraction and multiplication.


Oct 20, 20201 min read
A small command-line utility which starts the Registry Editor and opens the specified key.
Colored Text

Colored Text

Oct 16, 20203 min read
A small command-line utility which displays the TEXT specified on the command line (or redirected through a pipe) in the given colors. Optionally, it also highlights the given substrings in the input TEXT.
Highlight Text

Highlight Text

Oct 11, 20203 min read
A small command-line utility which highlights the given substring in the specified text with the specified color.

Sleep for Windows

Aug 23, 20203 min read
A small command line utility that pauses execution of a script / terminal for a specified amount of time.
PS Hash - Files tab

PS Hash

May 9, 20205 min read
A program that calculates checksums and hashes of files, compares the contents of files using an algorithm specified by the user, verifying and generating checksum files (.md5, .sha1, .sha256 and others), calculating checksums of the given text.