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Colored Text

Colored Text
Release date:
Freeware, Open Source
Windows XP or newer



A small command-line utility which displays the TEXT specified on the command line (or redirected through a pipe) in the given colors. Optionally, it also highlights the given substrings in the input TEXT.



Usage: clt.exe TEXT [-c=COLORS] [-n=STR] [-nn] [-ht=STR] [-hc=COLORS] [-s=1|0] [-l] [-h] [-V] [--license] [--github] [--home]

Mandatory arguments to short options are mandatory for long options too. Options are case-sensitive. Options and values in square brackets are optional. You can use the -ht-hc, and -s options multiple times.


Switch Description
The foreground and background color of the TEXT specified on the command line. See the list of available colors below.
Replace the STR with a newline character in the input text.
Add a newline character at the end of the input text.
Text to be highlighted.
The foreground and background color used to highlight the text specified with the -ht option. See the list of available colors below.
Consider the character case when searching for the text to highlight. By default -s=0 (not case sensitive).
Highlight some special words used in the logs such as Error, Failed, Warning, Success etc.
Show this help.
Display examples.
Show application version.
Display program license.
Opens program homepage in the default browser.
Opens the GitHub page with the program’s source files.


Text can be given on the command line or/and redirected from an external command via a pipe. You can provide multiple text values in any combination with the options.

Available colors

Fuchsia = LightMagenta
Purple = DarkMagenta
Lime = LightGreen
Aqua = LightCyan
Color names are case insensitive.

Exit codes

Exit codeDescription
OK (no error)
Syntax error
Other error


Colored Text - Examples

How to uninstall?

Colored Text application is distributed in the form of archive and does not require any special uninstall process. To uninstall it, just delete files previously extracted from the archive.

End User License Agreement

This program is completely free. You can use it without any restrictions, also for commercial purposes.