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CudaText – Axialis Flat Pro 2017 sidebar icons


Icons courtesy of Axialis Software

Icons generated by the Axialis IconGenerator at native size. Icons are licensed under Common Creative (Free, Limited with Attribution) license. In short:

Icons can be used freely in commercial and personal projects. However, only limited versions of the icons can be used and Axialis require a copyright notice and a link to their website.

With this license

Use the icons at native size (scale 1x) in bitmap format.
Use the icons for any purpose, even commercially.

Give credits to Axialis “Icons courtesy of Axialis Software” with a link to “”.
Keep the derivatives. If you remix, transform, or build upon the icons, you may not distribute the modified icons.

Full text of the license:


  • Install the Config Toolbar plugin (if it is not installed): select menu Plugins → Addon ManagerInstall.... Type plugin config toolbar, press Enter and confirm installation.
  • Download the ZIP file with icons, drop it on the CudaText main window and confirm installation.
  • Select menu Plugins → Config Toolbar → Choose icons of sidebar...
  • Select one of the icon sets available on the list and press Enter.
  • You must restart program for the changes to take effect.



The free license allows only to generate icons from the Axialis Flat Pro 2017 set in two sizes: 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 pixels.